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When ordering through our site, there's a few procedures to be followed. Ensure you understand everything here before ordering! If you have queries, please contact us first using the details on our contact us page.

We do our best, but unfortunately as we are dealing with nature, we can not guarantee availability of all cultivars listed on this site.

When an order is placed, all details are passed directly on to the site owner. You will receive an email confirming your order and a further email notifying you of current availability.

International orders may be subject to additional fees including but not limited to:
- Quarantine Inspection: Minimum $20.00 AUD
- Department of Primary Industries Inspection: Minimum $42.00 AUD
- Freight Forwarding: Minimum $100.00 AUD

Any pricing quoted on this website should not be classed as final. Final cost is given in followup correspondence at which point you may withdraw from the transaction if you feel the need to.

Cuttings are a piece of stem that has the potential to form roots and shoots and grow a clone of the parent plant. It does not have roots, however a limited number of plants may be available for those who are unable to strike cuttings successfully. Please contact us for prices and availability of rooted plants.

The viability of a cutting is judged by the number of joints or nodes that the stem possesses. A compact cultivar such as a Deacon or an Edwards cultivar may have 10 or more nodes on a stem that is only 6cm long. An Ivy cutting that is 20cm to 25cm long may have only 3 nodes or joints. You must have 3 nodes for a viable cutting. Our cuttings are top quality.

Ordinary Post is acceptable for most clients on the east coast of Australia, however if you live in an area which mail takes more than three days to reach you or if you are not located on the east coast, we suggest that you opt for Express Post. The same goes for clients in areas other than the east Coast. If your mail reaches you quickly from the east coast then you may opt for regular post.

Upon ordering, all correspondence is via email. You will be emailed immediately with a copy of your order. You will be contacted as soon as possible with availability of your order and a firm final price.

While the availability of cultivars is updated regularly, occassionally it may not be possible to update immediately a cultivar is sold out.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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