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/ A Very important announcement / 0 available /
Please be aware that we do not send cuttings or rooted plants to Tasmania or Western Australia due to quarantine restrictions in those states

/ Angels / 0 available /
The Angels and mini-regals were developed by crossing Scenteds and Regals and have resulted in very compact bushes with small leaves and flowers. The bushes are a mass of bloom in spring to early summer. The flowers look a little like minature pansies. Cuttings are only available in Autumn.

/ Cactus Flowered Zonals / 0 available /
A compact plant 45-55cm with zonal leaves and flowers with quilled or furled petals. Very unusual.

/ Deacons / 0 available /
Small bush geraniums with just a touch of ivy in their breeding. Small bushes ranging from 45cm to 55cm. Abundant blooms.

/ Edwards Cultivars / 0 available /
This is an range of Marjorie Edward's Hybrids. They are tetraploids which means they have double the chromosomes of the regular geranium; meaning shorter joints on the stems and masses more flowers. Compact plants. They have very small stems and so small cuttings. Can be quite difficult to strike cuttings. For the more experienced grower

/ Fancy Leaf / 11 available / view /
Either Zonal or Ivy Geranium that are cultivated for the colour and variety of their leaf. Flowers are normally single and not spectacular. Fancy Leafs are much harder to grow, compared to other varieties. The colours in the leaf are more pronounced in winter. Must be grown in dappled shade to get the best colouring in the leaf.

/ Hybrid Ivy / 4 available / view /
These pellies exhibit traits from both ivy and zonal, reaching 40-60cm and spreading about 60x60cm. Other than Blue Spring and Millfield Rosebud, all Hybrid Ivies are very strong and vigorous growers. Very good for growing in coastal areas where fungus can be a problem as they appear to be resistant to mildiew and rust

/ Ivy Geraniums / 0 available /
Popularly called climbers, they can cover a large area and reach tall heights with a support to trail over and through. Strong varieties are good ground covers and compact ones are excellent in hanging baskets and pots. All bi-colours such as Harlequins and Zebras are best in semi-shade, as the sun bleaches the stripes out. Very vigorous and resistant to moulds and rust.

/ Regals / 0 available /
Big frilly blooms that look like azaleas and flower in the spring. Regals need cold nights of less than 10degreesC to bloom. Can be made to bloom in warmer winters by putting a bag of ice around the roots once or twice during the winter. If they are going to be grown on the coast, they need to be grown in a cool position for successful flowering.

/ Scented Leaf / 1 available / view /
These plants are wonderful for visually impaired people as the aromas are quite amazing. The leaves can be used in cooking, potpourri, herbal teas and aromatherapy. Flowers are usually very small and some rarely bloom.

/ Staphs/Five Fingered / 4 available / view /
An Australian bred hardy compact plant with leaves that look like five fingers and flowers that look like stars. Most are slow growing and compact, however worth growing as they are very beautiful.

/ Tulip Flowered / 0 available /
These are very unusual and beautiful plants with a flower head of tulip shaped florets. Easy to grow and make lovely feature plants for patios and verandahs. May be hard to get as they are always in demand

/ Uniques / 0 available /
A cross between the scented geranium and the regal. Many have a scented leaf and the flowers are normally the size of a five/ten cent coin. These plants retain the hardiness of the scented geraniums and are just a mass of bloom from spring to summer. Very hardy and one of the few pellies that can stand the full sun in Inland Australia.

/ Zonals / 102 available / view /
Bush pellies that have a great range of shapes, colours and heights. Some are very hardy and like full sun, however most do better in dappled shade in Inand Australia..

/ All Available Cultivars / 0 available /
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/ Unavailable Cultivars / 484 available / view /
You may not be able to order these cultivars, but that doesn't stop you still admiring their beauty!

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