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/ 12 March 2018 /
Hybrid Ivy: Predominantly white with pink feathering, with sudden flushes of Soft salmon, red feathering amongst the flowering.

/ 11 March 2018 /
An unusal Hybrid Ivy Called Jack of Hearts, such a contrast in colour in the flower.

/ 11 March 2018 /
Jack of Hearts is a striking Hybrid Ivy. Predominantly a light pink flush with contrasting deeper shades of warm pink.

/ 3 December 2017 /

As we head into Christmas, we have now made cuttings unavailable till approximately mid February 2018. We are having a white Christmas this year in Europe and looking forward to it. When we get backwe'll take the opportunity to do some overdue pruning and maintenance in the tunnel houses. It has been a busy year once again.

We were a regular at the Nanango Markets this year with lots of interest in geraniums. Huge country markets, held on the first Saturday of each Month. We'll be back there in March 2018.

The Toowoomba Geranium Society's Annual Show and Sale for the Carnival of Flowers was a great success again this year. A great weekend for the society, it's members and the public. If you love your pelargoniums/geraniums you should check out your local areas, as there is usually others with the same interest and often a group or society to join.

We wish you a safe and Merry Christmas.
Tony and Leanne

/ 5 March 2017 /
Welcome to 2017. We have had the driest summer since we have been here, this year; and has been quite hot for long periods also. Here's hoping we can get some rain during the year.

We have had a long break this year, but will start making cuttings available on line this week, so look forward to being able to supply for you shortly

Kind Regards
Tony and Leanne

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