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/ 5 March 2017 /
Welcome to 2017. We have had the driest summer since we have been here, this year; and has been quite hot for long periods also. Here's hoping we can get some rain during the year.

We have had a long break this year, but will start making cuttings available on line this week, so look forward to being able to supply for you shortly

Kind Regards
Tony and Leanne

/ 1 December 2016 /

As we head into the first heat wave this summer, we have made cuttings unavailable till approximately mid February 2017. We will take this opportunity to move some things around to make a bit more space in the tunnel houses; and establish more rooted cuttings to be made available. It has been a busy year again.

The Toowoomba Geranium Society's Annual Show and Sale for the Carnival of Flowers was a great success this year. I don't think there was one plant left at the end, so was definitely a great weekend for the society, it's members and the public.

We also had an opportunity while in Adelaide to visit their annual show as well. Some wonderful plants and people. If you love your pelargoniums/geraniums you should check out your local areas, as there is usually others with the same interest and often a group or society to join.

We wish you a safe and Merry Christmas.
Tony and Leanne

/ 10 November 2015 /
It has been a busy year to date and haven't had a lot of opportunity to provide updates.

It was great being involved in the Toowoomba's Carnival of Flowers this year, in particular the annual Show and Sale from members of the Toowoomba Geranium Society. It was a huge success and there was a great variety of Pelargoniums on display and for sale. Also members are so helpful in providing advice.

If there is a Geranium Society near you and you love geraniums, I recommend getting involved.

We have had a good season of blooms this year however they are slowly coming to an end. Still lots around though. You will note all the Regals are unavailable at the moment, this is mainly due to the amount of flowers on that there wasn't a lot of good stems for cuttings. Will most likely be doing a good prune this year after flowering, so more plants may become unavailable for a period and the upcoming hot weather may also restrict supply.

We have also changed our email address due to the amount of spam that was causing havoc with the ordering, so if you had trouble receiving emails this year, we do apologise.

Tony and Leanne

/ 8 February 2015 /
We enjoyed our trip to Victoria over Christmas and while we didn't plan to check out too many Pellies, we did get the opportunity to meet some friends with an interest in these plants and check out the display at the Geelong Botonic Gardens. The cool change came while we were there, 27 degrees when we arrived and 14 degrees when we left.

It's February already and we have been busy striking new plants while most things are thriving with new flush of growth and cutting back the stock plants. If only there was more time!!

Some of the Ivyies are are still being affected by the hot and humid weather, so are getting regular preventative treatment of fungicide to control fungal desease. We do not have too many Ivies on the available list at the moment because there are limited cuttings available. If there is something you are looking for specifically, send us an email ( ) and we can see how that plant is going.

/ 11 August 2014 /
It is a wonderful time of the year for Pellies. There is an abundance of flowers at the moment and not too much is going to slow them down. The worst of the cold should be gone for the year.

It is a good time to add some good compost around the plants and some sea weed solution, and even a light feed, particularly if they are in pots.

The warmer weather will start to bring on things like Leaf Rust on the Ivy's, so keep your eye out. A foliar treatment with a fungacide, making sure you also add a some seaweed solution which will help strengthen the plant. Look for blended seaweed products with added minerals and humic acid.

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